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Worried kid? Try magnesium, nature's original chill pill

If your child is struggling with school, feeling stressed, anxious or worried, magnesium can help. It's nature's calmer and can help reduce worry and stress - naturally.

It also helps improve sleep, is essential for healthy teeth and bones, helps reduce depression and anxiety, helps our hearts function optimally, helps reduce cramps and growing pains, and much much more.

In fact, it's needed for over 800 cellular functions in our body!! And it's estimated almost all of us are deficient in this essential nutrient.


We’ve created a range of magnesium products to help you boost your magnesium levels.

Taking Magnesium orally can result in loose bowel motions, so we recommend taking it via your skin (which is our largest organ). One teaspoon of our mag products is around 221mg of magnesium content.  We recommend massaging Magnesium gel or cream into your feet before sleeping.You can also massage it directly into the area of cramp/growing pain.


Magnesium used topically can feel itchy on the skin. This is normal (and can be a sign you are deficient). You can apply a cream or moisturiser first and then pop the magnesium gel or cream on over the top.
It reduces over time when using the product (just avoid using it on any broken skin or areas after shaving).

Massaging it into your child’s feet as they won't find it so itchy on the skin, plus it is greatly absorbed through the feet.

We love magnesium so much, we have a range of products including a children's magnesium balm and gel.

Children's Magnesium Gel 

Children's Magnesium Balm 

You'll find our full range of magnesium products instore or online here and more information on the benefits of magnesium on our blog here.