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Aoraki Naturals - Castile Dish Soap

Aoraki Naturals - Castile Dish Soap

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Made with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, this zero waste alternative to dishwashing liquid will leave your dishes sparkling clean and streak free. With citrus essential oils for grease-cutting power.

Use with very hot water. Best used with a soap shaker.

Soaps weigh 90-100g each – dimensions (mm): 80 long x 58 wide x 25 deep

One soap should last 2-3 weeks (washing up twice a day)

Ingredients:  Olive oil, water, potato, lye (none left in final product), orange & lemon essential oils.

*Please note, the volume of bubbles may vary depending on the hardness of your water supply.  If you find your water isn’t creating a lot of bubbles, and falls flat quickly, you may have hard water. The dishes will still get clean, but results may not be as effective as using a traditional detergent.

*Keep your soap out of direct sun and on a well draining soap dish or hang your shaker up.  If you allow your soap to dry between uses it will last longer.  leaving the wet soap in the hot sun will cause it to melt.