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Eko Hub - Mummy's Booby Balm With Hemp & Marshmallow Root (Clearance)

Eko Hub - Mummy's Booby Balm With Hemp & Marshmallow Root (Clearance)

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Are your nipples feeling tender from breastfeeding?

This plant-based balm provides some comfort for your dry, itchy, or cracked nipples.

Apply to nipples after feeding your baby.

Although these are all-natural & organic ingredients, we suggest giving the nipples a gentle wipe to remove any excess balm before the next feed. This is so that the balm doesn't alter the taste of the breastmilk for your baby :-)

This balm is a great wee all-rounder. We use the nipple balm for lips, cuts, and scrapes.


 Hemp seed oil - Anti-inflammatory, soothing

Marshmallow root - Anti-bacterial, soothing, healing properties

Calendula - Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, soothing, healing properties

Shea butterMoisturising, skin-strengthening, anti-inflammatory

Candelilla wax - Binding ingredients, skin soothing 

*Balms may occasionally present with small white spots. This is perfectly ok. Balms do not contain water so are not a mold environment. The ingredients which are melted, such as shea butter, can sometimes slightly solidify in colder temperatures which then appear as white spots.