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Aoraki Naturals - Henna Shampoo Bar

Aoraki Naturals - Henna Shampoo Bar

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The rich, creamy lather of this apple cider-vinegar-based shampoo will leave your hair fresh, clean and moisturised. Herbal rosemary scent. Great for everyday use and travelling.

Directions: Wet hair thoroughly, rub the bar 2-3 times over top of your head, lather up so there are lots of bubbles, rinse VERY well and repeat if required. Very few people will need to use a conditioner post-wash.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, rapeseed oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, homemade organic apple cider vinegar, lye, henna powder, rosemary essential oil. Vegan.
Apple cider vinegar: helps combat dandruff
Rosemary essential oil: Increases the circulation and health of the scalp, promotes hair growth.
Henna: excellent conditioner, repairs, adds shine.
Castor Oil: Fantastic for hair repair, conditioning.
Weight: at least 100g

*nb: Some people can be sensitive to henna and may get an itchy scalp. If this happens, please stop using and try one of our henna-free bars. Also, henna may add a slight colour to your hair, so if you have bleached or very light hair, you need to be aware of this.
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Transition phase: When beginning to use soap as a shampoo it can take time for your hair to adjust due to residual chemicals from commercial shampoos. This transition phase can take anywhere from one to eight weeks as your hair adjusts and the natural oils balance out. It is normal to experience lank, heavy, slightly greasy hair at first. This WILL pass! Using an acidic rinse of 1T of apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar) to 1c of warm water after washing can help. Personally, it took about a month until my hair felt normal again … but now I don’t even need a conditioner and my hair is soft and shiny. Again, results will vary from person to person.