Prana Rose Quartz Face Roller

Prana Rose Quartz Face Roller

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Not only do crystals have unique vibrational properties and energetic powers that are great for our health, wellbeing and skin, they help energise, balance and restore the mind and body.

Rose Quartz rollers are great for massaging your face. They help aid in eliminating toxins, lymphatic massage, promoting blood circulation.
giving skin a lymphatic massage, eliminating toxins, reducing puffiness and boosting blood circulation, skin toning, reducing wrinkles and puffiness, reducing dark circles.

Ideally, use after applying a face oil.

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of the heart, unconditional Love. With its femine energy it speaks to the heart chakra. Note her warmth, her loving energies. Let your self feel empowered.

Rose Quartz Roller:

The smaller end of the roller is for the delicate areas around the eyes, and the larger side of for your face and neck area.

Gently move the roller in an upward and outwards motion, do not push hard. 

Rose Quartz Gua sha (Flat shaped stone):

Used in Chinese medicine, this tool has great flexibiltiy to massage into areas such as the side of the nose and around the eye brows. Gently massage in circular motions upwards and outwards.