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SANOlifestyle - Coconut Washing Soap

SANOlifestyle - Coconut Washing Soap

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white as snow, rock hard, 100% coconut soap with 0% superfat is fantastic laundry & kitchen soap (not intended to use on body)

  • totally natural, eco-friendly, safe and effective
  • is super cleansing & excellent degreaser, I use it as solid dish-wash
  • the ONLY soap which lathers in salty water - perfect for boats
  • grey water and septic tank safe
  • it has added eucalyptus/lemon essential oil to refresh and eliminate smells from your sinks, bathrooms, toilets
  • perfect for washing clothes - just grate it!, washing car, sport gear, pre-treat stubborn stains
  • perfect camping all-in-one solid dish-wash and laundry soap!
  • money saver, space saver, waste and plastic free...just perfect solution for modern eco-living. 

Ingredients: filtered rain water, lye, coconut oil, eucalyptus or lemon essential oil

Best teamed up with a soap shaker