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Eko hub - Vitamin Strawberry & Hibiscus Cream Cleanser

Eko hub - Vitamin Strawberry & Hibiscus Cream Cleanser

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A gentle and effective face cleanser to clean and remove dirt and make-up.

We love to apply this to dry skin (with or without make-up on) and massage it in to face and neck. Once applied, rinse with a flannel or some warm water.

Now also available as a refill option. These bags are made in NZ and are certified home compostable. Simply cut the corner of the bag and squeeze contents into your bottle or jar. For bottles with a small opening, we suggest using a small funnel, or only cutting a very small corner off the bag to make it easier to fill.


Strawberry hydrosol (Extracted floral water) - antioxidant, hydrating, toning, firming.

Hibiscus hydrosol (Extracted floral water) - Skin toning, natural gentle source of Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) which help to remove dead skin cells.

Castor oil - Anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial properties, soothes irritated or inflamed skin, naturally cleansing.

Jojoba oilSimilar to the skin’s collagen. Rich in minerals. Balancing and well absorbed.

Strawberry extract - hydrating, toning, firming, natural exfolliator.

Hibiscus extract - Skin toning, natural gentle source of Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) which help to remove dead skin cells.

Coconut oil - Hydrates, helps to minimise appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, anti-inflammatory.

Glycerin - Derived from non-GMO, Organic Soya Bean. Anti-microbial. Retains moisture.

Sclerotium Gum - naturally derived gum that produces an instant gel base when combined with water. It is produced through a fermentation process of Sclerotium rolfsii (naturally occurring fungus) on a glucose-based medium. It helps to maintain moisture, soften and protect damaged skin.

Coco Glucoside & Glyceryl Oleate (Lamesoft PO 65) - Thickening agent. Derived from coconut and sunflower oil. Enhances viscosity in sulfate-free products.

*Cetearyl Alcohol and Polysorbate 60 (emulsifier NF) - Nonionic emulsifier. Most commonly used emulsifier and also the most natural. It contains RSPO mass balance certified sustainable palm oil.

Stearic acid - Olive derived emulsifier.

Benzyl alcohol & dehydroacetic acid (Geogard 221) - Eco-cert approved preservative

Vitamin E - Antioxidant

Vitamin A - Fat soluble vitamin, skin smoothing, improve elasticity

Ylang Ylang essential oil - skin balancing

Mandarin essential oil - Skin toning.


* Certified susatainable palm oil. About | RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil