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2 Natural Homemade Cleaning recipes

Without realising it, we can often fill our homes with toxic chemicals from our cleaning products.  But it can be easy and simple (and cost very little) to get your home sparkling clean without any nasties.

Household staples such as baking soda and vinegar are amazing cleaners and don’t cost much.  Here are two simple recipes to try:

General cleaner


1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
Rind from 1 lemon
2 x Rosemary sprigs

  1. Combine all 4 ingredients into a jar and leave to infuse for a week. 

  2. Shake and then strain off the liquid and pour into a spray bottle.

  3. Use as a general cleaner around the house.

If you are impatient you can skip the lemon rind and rosemary and add 10 drops of your favourite essential oils instead, but the enzymes from the lemon especially help break down stains. 


Cream cleanser


100gm Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) 
20gm    Liquid Castile Soap
Approx. 15 drops lemon or orange essential oil (or your choice of essential oil)        

How to make

  1. Using a sieve, sift the baking soda to remove any lumps into a clean bowl. 
  2. Carefully mix in the castile soap and essential oil
  3. Put into a jar or tin and label it. 

Use to clean the bathroom, kitchen benches or any surfaces that need a bit of elbow grease. 

As with all cleaning products, we recommend you keep these out of reach of animals and children.



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