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Eko Hub - Daily Use Magnesium Cream Eko Hub
Eko Hub - Daily Use Magnesium Cream Eko Hub
Eko Hub - Daily Use Magnesium Cream Eko Hub

Eko Hub - Daily Use Magnesium Cream

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High quality magnesium from the dead sea. This spray is great to apply under your feet or directly to the area of cramp. 

Magnesium is commonly used for stress, tension, sleep, and cramps. 

Massage some cream into your feet at night. You can also massage some straight into muscles, however just be aware that Magnesium tingles/itches on the skin. This is not noticeable under the feet so it's a great place to apply it if wanting to avoid the tingles.

Now also available as a refill option. These bags are made in NZ and are certified home-compostable. Simply cut the corner of the bag and squeeze the contents into your bottle or jar. 


Distilled water,  Magnesium Chloride, Hemp seed oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Shea butter, Polar wax, Benzyl alcohol & Dehydroacetic acid (Geogard 221), Lavender essential oil

*We recommend not to use Magnesium on babies under the age of 6 months. For children over the age of 6 months, apply a small amount under each foot at night. Avoid cuts on the skin.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jeff Smith

I purchased your magnesium cream for shoulder and knee pain.
The results have been much better that I expected
But here is the bonus, I recently developed a wrist ganglion. Unsightly and often painful.
Doctor said there is no real cure from creams but not any danger from it
A week ago I got fed up with it, applied your cream a couple of times a day. Not only eased the pain but today it is virtually disappeared

Lyn Zimmerman
Fabulous 👌

I have purchased this product many times over the years and think it one of the best.
I rub it on leg muscles and under my feet to combat leg cramps and drift into a peaceful sleep.

Magnesium Cream Deals to Neuropathy

I use Eko Hub's Magnesium cream to relieve chemo-induced neuropathy and IT WORKS! Eases the burning and nerve pain and enables me to have a decent night's sleep.


Awesome product helps me cramp and also helps my sleep

Claire Steen
Magnesium cream

Amazing product.
My kids sleeping is back on track. Thank you