Eko Hub - Repair Hydrating Face Cream

Eko Hub - Repair Hydrating Face Cream

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A hydrating cream to nourish and care for sun-damaged skin.

This cream has a light consistency and due to the penetrating properties of Sesame seed oil, it absorbs fast and has anti-bacterial properties.

Great to use morning and night and is suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Cetearyl Olivate & Sorbitan Olivate, Saffron infused Sesame seed oil, Shea butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Benzyl alcohol & Dehydroacetic acid, Essential oil of: Petigrain.

Cetearyl Olivate & Sorbitan Olivate - Natural emulsifier derived from Olive.

Saffron - Often used in skin care due to its lightning and brightening, toning and healing properties.

Sesame seed oil -Rich in vitamin E, D and B complex. Penetrates deep into the skin. Anti bacterial. Can help to reduce and prevent signs of sun damaged skin.

Shea Butter - Moisturising, skin strengthening, anti-inflammatory properties.

Hyaluronic acid - To maintain moisture and helps to keep skin plump, antioxidant properties.

Vitamin E - Nourishing, Moisturising, can help to prevent and reduce damage on the skin caused by UV rays.

Panthenol - B Vitamin, Used to help rejuvenate and revitalize skin cells.

Benzyl alcohol & Dehydroacetic acid - Eco-cert approved preservative.

Petigrain - Skin balancing & toning