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Refilling Your Skincare Products

Eko hub refillable skincare NZ madeEko hub refillable skin care NZ madeEko hub refillable skincare NZ made
So what's the fuss about refilling your skin care? The jars can be recycled, can't they?
Offering refills for our products is something that has been very important to us during our years.We believe that you can enjoy skin care items, as well as minimising waste.
Here's some info to put things in perspective.
Say for example, say you were purchasing around 4 new jars in a year.
Four jars doesn't sound like a lot, does it? Now, over 5 years, that amount would be around 20 jars per person. And now we would like you to imagine what it would look like when 50 people were re-stocking every 4 months, or 100, or even 100 people.
Thats a lot of jars. You get the point.
Now, some people will have plenty of uses for re-purposing jars, and thats great. For others however, it may just end up in the recycling bin. Sure, you can recycle the jar, BUT......
Just think of how many more times that one jar can live with purpose!
Recycling is a whole process with many steps along the way. It can be labour intensive and requires energy. Why not reduce the amount of glass having to be recycled by reusing it many times first.
This is where Eko hub is a game changer.
The majority of the items we make, are refillable. This means you can continue to refill your jar, over, and over, and over again.
Pretty cool, ahy?
Why not jump on the band wagon and try it out? Your jar will love you for it ❤️
Eko hub nourish face cream
When you select the refill option for a product, we will send the product in a NZ made, certified home-compostable bag.
Simply cut the corner of the bag and squeeze the contents into your bottle or jar. For bottles with a small opening, we suggest using a small funnel (these are available to purchase on our website here Mini Funnel - For Refilling Liquid Skin Care – Eko Hub or only cutting a very small corner off the bag to make it easier to fill. Once you have filled you bottle or jar, cut the bag in to small pieces and add to your compost. 
Eko hub skin care

*Please note, due to shipping our product in compostable bags they are not designed to be stored as the bags can begin to weaken and breakdown over time which may also affect the product. It is recommended to be refilled into a container shortly after receiving the product.

Thank you, for choosing to refill your products.