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A poem by Chloe

This makes my heart Happy!

My children are learning about reducing waste. They are growing up learning about how to minimise our environmental impact to help protect our land, oceans and animals.

They are learning about nutrition and how to keep themselves healthy. They are learning how to cook and bake which helps to avoid unnecessary waste (and any nasties from packaged items).

They are learning about natural remedies. They know that if they get a wasp sting, we apply onion (works a treat!), they know that when they have a cold, we make honey and lemon drinks. We use herbs from the garden such as Thyme. There are so many amazing natural remedies that can be used. 

Children thrive on learning. Take the time to teach them and they will grow up with knowledge that will allow them to make good decisions.

It is really hard these days to try and live a waste free lifestyle. We are nowhere near perfect. But we are also not striving to be perfect. We are working on doing the best we can, in each situation. 

Teaching children about health and the environment is important. They may not always agree at the time, or want to stricktly ofollow it, but never the less, they are learning about it. And this will stay with them. 

Moments like these, where my daughter brings home a poem that she had written about reducing waste, made me feel extremely proud!


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