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How to best use Magnesium

As you’ve probably realised, we love magnesium and talk about it a lot.  It’s known as the ‘original chill pill’ and is a staple item in our household and shop. So we thought it was a good time to talk about how best to use it. 

Magnesium is best applied or taken at night. It is said that if you take magnesium as a supplement, not all of it is absorbed by your body, and some people find that it can cause them to have stomach upset. We like to use it topically.  It is absorbed through the skin by-passing the digestive system, going straight to the areas that need it.  

If you are taking a supplement, just after dinner is a good time to take it.

If you are using it topically, it’s best applied to your feet at night.

If you have areas of cramp or tight muscles, you can use it directly on those areas.   

Some people feel itchy or tingling when they apply topical magnesium. If you don't like the feeling of it, we recommend applying it to the soles of your feet.


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