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Magnesium for children

Magnesium is not only essential for us, but also for children and young adults.

If your child is struggling with school, feeling stressed, is anxious or worried, magnesium can help. It's nature's calmer and can help reduce worry and stress - naturally.

It also helps improve sleep, is essential for healthy teeth and bones, helps reduce depression and anxiety, helps our hearts function optimally, helps reduce cramps and growing pains, and much, much more.

In fact, it's needed for hundreds of cellular functions in our body.  It's estimated that almost all of us are deficient in this essential nutrient. Hence the importance of supplementing.


Here are just some of the benefits that come with regularly using magnesium.

  • magnesium helps to feel calmer and more relaxed.
  • It helps with muscle recovery after being active.
  • Magnesium can reduce restless leg syndrome.
  • It can improve sleep quality.
  • It can help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Magnesium can be helpful in reducing muscle twitches.
  • It can be helpful in reducing symptoms of PMS.


Tips for using topical magnesium.

  • Taking larger amounts of Magnesium orally can result in very loose bowel motions. We recommend taking it via your skin (which is our largest organ). Using magnesium via the skin can still cause children’s bowel motions to become slightly loose if using large amounts. Although far less than if taking it orally, we suggest ensuring that you do not apply large amount at a time. For a baby, we would recommend just using 1 – 2 sprays for both feet, and if using the cream, roughly an adult thumb nail sized amount to start with.
  • If using the Magnesium cream, we recommend massaging the Magnesium cream into your child’s feet before sleeping. If using the spray, simply spray a small amount under their feet.
  • We recommend magnesium being used after 1 year of age, and not before 6 months.
  • topical Magnesium can be massaged directly into the area of cramp/growing pain. Magnesium used topically can feel itchy on the skin. This is normal (and can be a sign you are deficient). If your child is sensitive to itchiness, you can apply a cream or moisturiser first and then pop the magnesium cream/spray on over the top. Even just sticking to using it on the feet, magnesium will still be carried to where it is needed in the body.
  • Avoid using on broken skin.
  • We recommend using either our daily use magnesium cream, or magnesium spray for children. Eko hub’s magnesium sleep support cream with valerian, is best left for when they are older.
  • Use magnesium regularly. Get your child into a routine of having magnesium applied every night before sleeping. This will ensure that the magnesium levels stay optimised.

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