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Menstrual Cup

Menstruation. Period. Surfing the crimson wave. Aunt flo. Monthly.

What ever you wish to call it, let's have a chat about periods and menstrual cups. Most of us have had it, still get it, or are going to get it.

We have MANY conversations in our store with woman who are wanting to make the switch from tampons and pads, to a menstrual cup.

For those of you wanting to make the switch, we thought that we would share some of our tips.

1. Research. There are many videos, blogs, articles, Facebook groups etc around how to use a menstrual cup, what they are made from, reviews & advice. Take the time to investigate and get information.

2. Take your time. Using a cup For the first time can seem daunting. It looks larger than a tampon and it leaves you wondering....“will it fit?“ 🙈. Look in to sizing and get advice from the manufacturer (or us if you come in to our store) to figure out what size suits you. (Dependant on age, if you've had babies and what size tampon you use if any)

3. Check the folds. There are many ways to fold the cup for inserting. Have a look online for some ideas. The most common seems to be the 'C' fold 🙌

4. Breathe & relax. If you are using a cup For the first time, allow yourself to relax. If it doesn't work on the first go, leave it and try again later.

5. Removing. This is where woman often seem to have the most problems when they first try a cup. The stem that hangs down from the bottom of the cup is not there to be pulled, it is there to guide you to the cup. Once the cup has opened inside, it has a suction. If you try to pull on the stem it won't release. The key is to relax and bear down (pretend that you need to wee, in a squatting position or sitting on the toilet) Use your thumb and index finger to guide up to the bottom of the cup, pinch the end and then remove.

6. Cleaning. Sterlise your cup before you use it and at the end of your cycle (and when ever you want inbetween) with boiling water. For cleans inbetween after emptying, use a menstrual cup wash cleaner or Apple cider vinegar.

7. Remember why you are using a cup. Whether it's to save money, protect the environment, or to hold your flow better, using a menstrual cup can have a positive impact.

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