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Period pants review

A few years ago I decided to take the plunge and get my first pair of ‘period pants’.  I had already swapped from tampons to a cup, but issues after abdominal surgery meant using a cup wasn’t comfortable so I swapped to pads and period pants. I won’t lie, after using something internally it was a bit of a change to adjust to the ‘flow feeling’.  

I researched what was out there and decided on Modibodi Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini pants to start out with.  They look like normal undies, with a slightly thicker crotch and are comfy to wear.   They are not like wearing a pad or having a surfboard down there! 

These days I use mine either on their own, or in conjunction with a cup on a heavy day if I’m busy and don’t want that ‘is anything leaking’ stress (even though nothing is!).  And they are my go to for overnight.   They’re also good if you are spotting instead of a liner.  

I’ve worn mine horse riding with no issues.  They are seriously comfy and easy to wear and there’s no more waste! In fact, their lighter flow range are barely noticeable that they aren’t just normal undies. 

How long they last will really depend on how heavy your flow is.  On my (regular) heaviest day I would wear them on their own for up to 8 hours at a stretch (or over night) before I felt I needed to change them.  The blood really does absorb quickly and you can’t see much blood on top. On lighter days there is no issue. I think I’ve had one incident of leaking after an unexpected super heavy period, but to be honest, I think anything would have struggled to cope! 

If you have lots of clots they obviously won’t soak into the lining, so that’s something to consider.  You can either wipe them away with toilet paper when you go to the loo, or use something else on those really heavy days.  

And those crampy days are much easier with period pants.  I had noticed a big reduction after swapping to a cup from tampons, but ditching the cup on those days for period pants has helped again. 


Modibodi have moisture-wicking technology to get rid of sweat, discharge, and menstrual fluids, getting rid of any odour as a result. However, on heavy days I have found there is a slight ‘period’ odor by the end of the day which is only noticeable when I go to the loo.  I guess years of using tampons means we don't really connect with the 'full experience' of periods, which will include a smell.  It doesn't worry or gross me out, it's just something to mention as if you are a super smell sensitive person, this is something to take into consideration. 


When it comes to clean up, you don’t soak them, just give them a rinse in fresh water and pop them in the wash. The only downside I’ve found is that they can take longer in winter to dry (so need to be pegged either side), which is another reason why I stocked up on more. Before mine was worn, washed immediately and then back in use as soon as it was dry. 


My period pants are now a staple in my monthly menstrual routine (I have 5 pairs now).   They are great for those who currently use pads and want a more environmentally friendly option.  Or if you want to give your body a break from tampons or cups, especially overnight.  If you are a tampon or cup user,  they may take a bit of getting used to, but is worth persevering and finding the scenario that works for you.  You might only use them on your lighter days only.  It really comes down to personal choice and what works for you and your body. 

They are a bit of an investment, but they have totally been worth it.  So much so I’ve just invested in 4 more pairs for myself and bought some for a friends pre-teen daughter too because I wish I'd had these available when I was younger.

 - Liz


We stock Danu period pants in our shop.  These are proudly plastic free and ethically made in New Zealand.  


Photo thanks to Modibodi

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