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I have another story. A story about how my parents started a journey where they started from scratch.

Some of you have read about my upbringing and how we grew up completely sustainable. Tonight, my mum and I reminisced back to when we had a restaurant many years ago.

My mum and dad wanted to make a living while still being close to my brother and me. They started a restaurant on our own land in Parua Bay, Whangarei.

They had a building. They had built this from scratch and with their own love & labor. Initially, the building was designed as garaging and upstairs, as a flat for when our friends and family came to visit from Germany.

Mum and dad did not have a lot of money. They were rich in lifestyle from living off their own land, but they did not have a big cash flow.

They decided that they would try their hand at running a cafe/restaurant. Many hours went into this project as they did everything they could on their own.

Everything they needed, started from scratch. The oven that was used to cook meals was $15 from an auction. Plates and cutlery were brought second hand. My dad-built tables, my mum upholstered secondhand chairs.

The space was beautiful. It was rustic and unique. It took a good year before mum finally upgraded to a full-blown fancy gas cooker.

They were a success right from the start. My mum cooked German inspired meals. My dad (RIP daddy) was the handsome waiter. My dad would sit down with customers while they were eating. He would drink a beer with them and talk about life.

My brother and I would play outside, and when I was old enough, I would help serve food.

It got mum and I talking tonight, about how what we are doing with Eko Hub, is just what they did years ago.

Starting from scratch. Using what you have, take knowledge where you can. Starting small does not equal less success.

I am so incredibly proud of what we have done and the way we have done it. I said to my mum, that I think my dad would have been so proud of what we have achieved.

I am grateful to my parents for teaching me and appreciating that money is not everything, and success is what you make of it.

Use what you have, take knowledge where you can. Starting small does not equal less success.

Jane ❤️

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