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Eko Hub - Baby Booty Balm With Hemp & Kawakawa

Eko Hub - Baby Booty Balm With Hemp & Kawakawa

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Gentle on the skin, this diaper cream contains no fragrances or nasties. Just gentle natural & organic ingredients to soothe baby's booty. A little goes a long way. Use as both a preventative barrier and as a soother.

Apply as needed.

For the adults: This cream can also be effective as a barrier for chafing ie. inner thighs, under breasts. Bonus!


Shea butter - Moisturising

Coconut oil - Anti-inflammatory, hydrating, barrier

Hemp seed oil - Anti-inflammatory, Soothing

Kawakawa - Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, healing properties

Comfrey - Anti-inflammatory, healing properties, soothing


Non-Nano Zinc - Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, oil regulating, barrier

Bentonite clay - Anti-bacterial, toxin absorber, absorbs excess moisture, increases healing time 

Candelilla wax - Binding ingredients, skin smoothing