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Eko Hub - Daily Supplement Magnesium Spray Eko Hub
Eko Hub - Daily Supplement Magnesium Spray Eko Hub

Eko Hub - Daily Supplement Magnesium Spray

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For those of you who prefer not to go to bed with cream on your hands, our Magnesium spray is simple to use. Simply spray a few times under each foot and allow to soak in. 

High quality magnesium from the dead sea. This spray is great to apply under your feet or directly to the area of cramp. 

Magnesium is commonly used for stress, tension, sleep, and cramps. 

Now also available as a refill option. These bags are made in NZ and are certified home compostable. Simply cut the corner of the bag and squeeze contents into your bottle or jar. For bottles with a small opening, we suggest using a small funnel, or only cutting a very small corner off the bag to make it easier to fill.

Ingredients: Magnesium oil

External use only. Avoid contact with eyes and skin abrasions. Keep out of reach of children. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use. You may experience tingling on the skin. If you find it too tingly, just apply under your feet.

*We recommend not to use Magnesium on babies under the age of 6 months. For babies and young children, the spray can be diluted with some distilled/cooled boiled water to make it less tingly/stingy. We suggest just using a small amount under the feet (just 1 small spray under each foot) 



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tania Elson
Daily supplement magnesium spray

First time user.
Love how it doesn't feel oily when sprayed on my wrists and feet.
I have used this for a week every morning and night,I feel refreshed mid morning and have been having really good sleep.
Thank you eko hub, brilliant magnesium spray.

Totally recommend you try this.

So glad to see that you are finding our Magnesium spray helpful. We appreciate your feedback, thank you.

Geraldine Whalley
Wonderful product.

I use magnesium spray regularly to help relax stiff, sore muscles due to fibromyalgia. I find it incredibly helpful...great that it's so natural, too! We all need plenty of it for optimal health.

So glad that you find our Magnesium products helpful. Thank you so much for sharing.