|| Sunscreen ||

Do you know what's in your sunscreen?

Many sunscreens are made with ingredients such as Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. These ingredients are not only harmful for us, bit also deprivential to our oceans. These ingredients are often found in sunscreen and some cosmetics. They enter our waterways through our sinks, by applying them at the beach and of course when we swim.

It is estimated that up to14,000 ton of sunscreen enters our oceans each year. The harmful ingredients create havoc in the underwater world. They bleach, damage and kill off the coral, which hinders the reproduction.

Coral reef's are a sanctuary, protection and feeding ground for marine life.

Palau and Hawaii have already passed a bill to ban these 2 ingredients in sunscreen. In Palau it is said to take effect in 2020, and Hawaii in 2021.

The best form of sun protection is to avoid prolonged sun exposure. Cover up, and when you do apply sunscreen, check the ingredients first and opt for one made with natural/organic ingredients. 🌍🏝️🏖️🌅